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Want to get a taste of Mongolia in less than a day? Our best-selling day trip to Terelj National Park covers the most important sites in the park, introducing you the culture, history, religion, and landscapes of Mongolia. Terelj is well known for its spectacular beauty, and diversity. If done right, this will be the highlight of your trip to Mongolia. The trip may be quick but it is packed full of experiences that will give you great insight into Mongolia in a short amount of time.


Zaisan is a memorial in the southern area of the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar that honors allied Mongolian and Soviet soldiers killed in World War II. Located on a hill in the southern part of the city, the memorial features a circular memorial painting that depicts scenes of friendship between the people of the USSR and Mongolia. After driving to the uppermost parking lot on the hill, visitors must make a climb of three hundred steps before reaching the monument and mural. (612 steps, if they start at the base of the hill.) Those who make the climb are rewarded with a panoramic view of the entire city of Ulaanbaatar in the valley below, as well as the Tuul River flowing past the city.

At forty meters high, it is the world’s largest equestrian statue and stands more than double the height of the previous record holder in Uruguay. Made from two hundred and fifty tons of stainless steel, it reputedly cost $4.1 million to construct. At the base of the statue, visitors can visit an archaeological museum, try on traditional Mongolian costumes, tour the numerous portraits of the Khan lineage, or try the cuisine at the restaurant on the second floor before taking an elevator to to the top of the horse’s head, where they are greeted with a panoramic view over the surrounding landscape.

Turtle Rock, “Melkhii Khad”, is a surprising granitic formation, 24 metres (79 feet) high, whose form reminds of a turtle. Its old name was Mungut Khad.

Located at the foothills of a mountain covered of pines, this rocky formation is incontestably a photo opportunity while you’re on the road for Terelj. There, it’s possible to rent horses, and during the summer, you can also find souvenirs’ sellers.

This place has been known to the tourists as a meditation centre. Aryaval meditation center was inaugurated in summer of 2016. It is located on the hillside of the mountain covered with larches and granite rock in the area of Terelj National Park.

The bridge has meaning which leads beyond wisdom. Main description of the temple is the 108 stairs built with natural stones and 108 small stupas which are placed surrounding the temple. Other special description of the temple is Chant 6 letters written colorfully on the front side of the mountain where the Aryabal temple is located.

Get to know Mongolian dwellings “yurt”, taste Mongolian dairy products, and have an authentic Mongolian dish.

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    • Horse riding (30 mins – 1 hour)        $6-$8 an hour
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    This Mongolian experience made our trip, despite the weather not being on our side! From start to finish the team we’re amazing, accommodating is an understatement. We had some of the worst weather but Oyunaa did not let this damper our experience. Everything you get to do is just incredible, from visiting nomadic family, horse and camel riding along the beautiful open green fields. You’ll meet great people and have the time of your life.
    Simon Koh
    This was a first-class trip all the way! Highly recommend for anyone traveling to Mongolia. From the time my husband and I had the idea to visit Mongolia, to the end of our journey, we were exceptionally cared for and our trip surpassed all expectations. Zaya’s worked with us to plan the trip, we gave them ideas of what we wanted to do, and the made it possible within our budget and timeline.
    We did the 4 days tour with Zaya Hostel around central parts of Mongolia. My favorite spot during this 4 days was Orkhon Valley. This was a standout sight, we had traveled overland to meet with our Horse wrangler, and it was late afternoon on a nice August day as we approached. After parking up my guide went off to check that the horses were ready for our travels down the valley in the morning whilst I was taken in hand by the wrangler’s children who led me by secret paths to the base of the waterfall, where wonder of wonders the sun produced a magical rainbow. It really is a lovely site Cheers from Troy and the whole Zaya Hostel family.
    Ryane Paschke