Vehicle Rental

Vehicle Rental Service

Rent one of the following cars or vans to get to your own destination. The daily price includes a driver, but excludes the cost of gasoline. Contact us to check for availability or to reserve a vehicle.

Subaru Forrester

A safe, powerful and reliable car. Traveling by this car, you can drive in both the city and countryside. This car can carry up to 4 people plus a driver.


Toyota Land Cruiser

The most comfortable vehicle for traveling in Mongolia. All cars are equipped with air-conditioning. Japanese jeeps can carry up to 5 people including the driver. You can use these cars both for short and long distance.


Russian 8 passenger, 4 WD Jeep

Safe, powerful and reliable, ensuring a smooth ride both in heavy city traffic and rough terrain. Thanks to its large size, spacious cabin, and huge trunk, this vehicle is perfectly suitable for a family or a large company voyage. It can carry up to 8 people.


Japanese 5 passenger, 4 WD Jeep

A comfortable, fast vehicle with air conditioning. It's possible to use this car for up to 5 or 6 people during a trip. This car is capable of handling most Mongolian roads.


Mid size sedan

A comfortable reliable Japanese vehicle. This vehicle can be used for city tour and close attractions to the city like, Terelj National Park and Khustai National Park.


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