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Airport and Train Pickups

If you don't speak Mongolian, your first hour in Mongolia can be hectic. While there is a bus that goes by the airport and on to the city, you'll need to hike across a pasture to get to it. Most taxi drivers know where Zaya Guest House and Hostel is, and the fare should be less than 20$ USD or 35,000 MNT from the airport and 5 $ USD or 10,000 MNT from the train station if they tell you otherwise it is a scam. If you'd like to avoid negotiations in Mongolian, we would be happy to arrange for a reliable pickup a driver waiting for you with a sign. Just contact us and give us your arrival details. The airport pick up is 15$ USD and train station is 4 $ USD per car you can pay for it directly to us with your room payment.

Mongolia by Bus

By far, the most economical and authentic way to travel Mongolia is by bus. It is the least expensive and most heavily used means of transportation for destinations that are not serviced by train. Buses are used to transport people (along with many of their possessions) to many of the outlying aimags and regions, so if you have a long way to go with limited money, the bus may be your best choice.

Although it may not always seem like it, seats are limited, so if you are on a schedule we can purchase tickets for you in advance to avoid making additional trips to the bus station, please let us know your destination and date and we will give you the price. Write to us about your plans.

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